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Tristar Power Cooker Plus Reviews

Tristar Power Cooker Plus Reviews:Why it Stands out ?

With so many Tristar Power Cooker Plus reviews out there, you may be confused on which one to believe. But here is a detailed honest review of this product and why it stands out from the rest.

With the advancement in technology, you can now transform your cooking experience and prepare your favorite dishes in the most convenient manner.

Introducing the Tristar Power Cooker, your cooking will never be the same. But with so many similar products out there, you may not know the best cooker from the rest.

Tristar Power Cooker Plus Reviews : Outstanding Features


The very first thing that draws customers to this particular cooker is the fact that it is made using the latest technology. What you get from this piece is an attractive appliance with a stainless steel housing.

Every single part of this cooker has been built to last. The special Teflon non-stick coating on the interior pot is something else to love about this cooker.

This is what makes cleaning easy so the interior will always stand the test of time. So this is quite a durable cooker and this is why the manufacturer gives you a one-year warranty.

Great design

The design is also quite outstanding as compared to the rest in the market. The buttons are perfectly arranged hastily and this concept adds some sense of style to the cooker. So if you want to upgrade your kitchen with a good-looking cooker, this is what you need to consider.

There is more that makes me love this cooker over any other in the market. For instance, the digital timer on the front of the cooker is clear and easy to read.


It comes in various sizes so you can choose to depend on the size of your family. If you choose the 8-quart capacity cooker, you will have enough space to hold four one-pint wide-mouth jars. That’s how big the Tristar Power Cooker Plus is.


Safety is also guaranteed on the Tristar Power Cooker Plus thanks to the safe-lock lid. So gone are the days when you had to worry about opening a steaming hot cooker, or using other crude means to open your cooker.

But what makes the lid different from the rest is the fact that it has a sturdy handle and a manual steam release.


If you are looking for convenience then consider your search done. The Tristar Power Cooker Plus comes with preset buttons that allow you to set cooking times to depend on what you are cooking.

There are settings for meat, vegetables, fish, rice, beans, stew or soup. This means that you don’t have to keep on monitoring whatever you are cooking. Just set and leave everything to the cooker.

There are other additional settings you should watch out for, they include an automatic keep warm mode, delay times, time adjustment and canning. This makes it the best kitchen appliance for everyday family meals and for entertaining your guests.

Tristar Power Cooker Plus, Who is the cooker for?

This cooker is meant to those people who run a tight schedule and don’t have time to prepare their favorite meals. This cooker cooks faster and makes it ideal for such people.

The lid tightly locks in the steam to enable you prepare your favorite slow-cooked recipes and cook them 70% faster. In fact, you can always make one-pot meals with ease.

This cooker is also meant for customers who want to add class and sophistication to their kitchen. The amazing design of this cooker allows them to do that.

If you are also looking for a kitchen appliance that will help you save on energy then this is what you need to consider. It cooks faster and hence saves more energy than the conventional cooking pots.

The versatility this cooker offers is something any customer will love. You can use this appliance to sterilize jam pots, glass baby bottles or for water while camping.

This is because the food is cooked at a temperature above the normal boiling point of water. This kills most micro-organisms. So it goes without saying that the Tristar Power Cooker Plus is meant for everybody who needs food to survive.

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Tristar Power Cooker Plus : Pros And Cons


  • One main advantage most customers love about this pressure cooker is the fact that the interior pan is dishwasher safe
  •  The preset buttons automate the cooker. So you don’t have to wait for the food to cook. You can do other things as your food cooks.
  •  An ideal capacity to allow you to cook your dinner in one pot
  •  Cleaning is easy since all the food will be cooked in one pot
  •  If the kitchen is not your favorite place, you will spend less time in there as the Tristar power cooker cooks  faster
  •  The time can also be set to turn on when you are at work.
  •  You don’t need to warm your food as the “Keep Warm” function keeps your dishes tabletop ready
  •  Foods cook 10x faster than the traditional counterparts
  •  The Tristar Power Cooker Plus requires less liquid to cook as compared to the conventional cooking pots which means the food tastes better


  • The Tristar Power Cooker Plus may not be the cheapest pressure cooker in the market as compared to others with similar functionalities.
  • Like any other electrical appliance, it requires additional care which is not the case with standard saucepans
  • The pan may last longer but the sealing rings won’t. So you may have to replace once a year or sooner if they are damaged
  • It cooks faster but you may be forced to check if the food is ready. This means you will have to open it and this slows the cooking process

It is quite heavy than your standard saucepan. So this may not be your best appliance if you are cautious about the weight of your kitchen appliances.

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With that said, you now know what you will get from the Tristar Power Cooker Plus. Although the above mentioned red flags are some of the reasons most people opt out of this product, they don’t in any way affect the versatility and convenience of the cooker. So this is a product worth trying out.

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