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Power pressure cooker XL 10 qt review

How a Power Pressure Cooker XL 10 QT Can Change Your Kitchen Life Experience?

In our Power pressure cooker XL 10 qt review, we will focus more on its features, what other customers say and all the pros and cons associated with this cooking appliance.

A power pressure cooker is a digital pot-like cooking appliance which can help with so much of your cooking at home. It is one of the best methods of cooking slow foods, but one significant advantage, it is seven times faster when compared to other alternative methods.

The Power Pressure Cooker XL 10 qt, uses flavor infusion technology of which all the super-heated steam stays inside the pot till all the cooking is done. While cooking the moisture inside the pot is forced into your precooked meal that makes the flavor and nutritional value of the meal intact.

Who Can Use This Power Pressure XL 10 QT Cooker?

As according to their websites and adverts they made this pressure cooker targeting everyone who would want to save time when preparing your meals. Another impressive thing is that it can be used up with people who do not have prior knowledge about cooking meals with a pressure cooker. Since it comes with a manual and a recipe book with it.

The manual will help the buyer with the operation and know what different buttons mean. The recipe book will be a good for starters as well as experienced cookers. The only thing that makes this brand outstanding against all other cookers in the market, is because you have to preset all the operations and instructions of your cooking methods and after starting it, you will not necessarily need to be there.

It does everything for you just by following the instructions you set before it started. It can do most of your cooking at home including meat, vegetables, rice, beans, stews, soups as well as other frosted frozen foods.

Just think of your busy schedules whether a student or a 9-5 employee. Somewhere this cooker will be of much help to you. Being tied up in a busy schedule leaves less time for cooking your own meals. Therefore, we solved that problem for you.

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Fast Food Preparation

Purchasing a pair will guarantee you fast food preparation time whenever you are in your house. It can be a nice birthday present for your friends or family members. I do not like cooking as much because I do not know many recipes.

After I had bought the pressure power xl10qt, in the past three months, I have been using it like once or twice per day. The user manual that comes with it has directions that are just easy for anyone to understand and follow.

With that said In those three months, I have prepared several meals, for instance, there was a night I roasted a chicken with it.

Easy of use

I am not an expert in cooking, but my family said that was the best-cooked chicken I have ever prepared for them. Tonight after some work I will have to get back to it again and do some canning with about 10 pints of sealed beans.

It has been an amazing experience cooking with it no wonder it is ever found on my kitchen table rather than on the shelves.

If you have frozen meat in your ingredients, just give it less than an hour when in the cooker and all well just walk away and wait for your delicious meal to be ready. This cooker has made me get interested in trying out different recipes because it makes the process easy while the result comes out delicious.

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Structural Features And Functionality of The Cooker

This power cooker only needs a small space to fit to your cupboard compartment. It is only about 16” by 14.5” by 13.5” outside structure.

It cannot displace so many things from your shelf but it will not replace so many roles served by several appliances in your kitchen, but it will also cut own your power consumption in the kitchen. This is truly an amazing product with a simple finishing on it without too many complexities.

To be honest, since I was not into cooking I experienced few troubles with it the first week, but after I realized how those settings work courtesy of their manual.

It just keeps reminding me of those sweet foods in my wish list that I now can learn and have time to prepare. Stainless steel makes the outside of the pot while their lid is made of a very thin layer of aluminum. It has the biggest volume in all other makes of the power pressure XL cookers.

Vary The Ingredients

Therefore this gives you no limit to the amounts of ingredients or the size of the meal you want to cook. It has a digital display panel that will guide you to see what commands do you want to set.

It has different settings or options you can set it to according to your recipe including slow cooking, delay timer, canning and time adjustments.

But most importantly, the most used settings is undeniable the “Keep Warm” setting. I can write a blog about the keep warm setting, but that’s a story for another day. It is not a sales talk, but more of how this feature has made me feel attached to my pressure cooker at home.

The fact that I can leave in the morning when my pressure cooker is preparing me a meal, but when I come back during dinner, I will get my food from it when still warm. With that one setting, I can avoid the rate at which I take junk foods and unhealthy meals along the streets and the risk of getting nutritionally related diseases.

Combination of Settings

The combination of the amount of food I can prepare with it and the combination of settings especially the keep warm setting were the things that make me not regret why I chose to spend on this gadget. It will take averagely of 15-30 minutes for your Pressure Cooker XL to get to pressurize before your cooking begins.

Therefore, it is better you consider this in your recipe preparation to avoid disappointments with your meal. For the past three months I have been using this pressure cooker I can say that experience is a better teacher. What I could have written about it a month after the purchase could be an entirely different script than what you are reading now.

Different Meals

You have to explore different meals separately to find out how each setting work. Guided by the recipe that comes with it I tried to follow most of them and had general knowledge of how these settings work in different foods.

Due to my curiosity, I have now tried several meals that are not included in their recipe book, and the outcome promised.

I have heard some complaints about flavored smells from the inner pots and lid, even after thorough washing and scrubbing it. But I soak mine in warm water for some time before I come back washing them and it works.

As I have said the more you use something the more you get to be an expert to it, though am not claiming to be an expert to pressure cookers but at least I am sharing my experience to help other consumers.

These pressure cookers give you a warranty of at least 60 days limit, but you have the option to extend the limits of your warranty deadline up to even six years warranty at checkout time. As their advertisements say, these cookers will not only lock in nutrients and vitamins to your meal but will also infuse flavor to make it more delicious.

Power Pressure Cooker XL 10 QT Review : Pros and Cons


Large capacity

The Power Pressure Cooker XL 10-Quart has the largest capacities amongst all makes from its brand. This is quite a big advantage to those people who have small families back at home.

You can as well use it twice or thrice consecutively if you have a bigger family. The fact that more food can be cooked at once is enough to fit everyone’s need or intentions with how you are going to use this pressured cooker will definitely be covered.

More functions or settings

With just the touch of different buttons, your Power Pressured Cooker XL can perform various functions as to how you want your meal to be prepared. You can roast meat with it, can vegetables and greens in just minutes. These settings give you the leverage of trying out different recipes on your own to fit your preferences and tastes.

Saves Time

Although in their adverts and instructions book they are exaggerating on how a Pressure Powered Cooker XL 10 saves you kitchen time, but for sure this brand is a way faster than many pressured cookers currently in the market.

It can do 5 pints of beans in 45 minutes and brown your chicken in only 5 minutes while your stews and soup can be ready in less than 30 minutes.

The sealed air that is not allowed to escape causes hot air steam in the inside of the pot, and therefore the boiling points of liquids and the cooking gets quicker than in alternative conventional methods by at most 70%.

Saves Energy

First, this Power pressured cooker will replace a number of kitchen appliances since it performs many functions by itself better than those appliances without even considering other advantages that come with it.

Even though it replaces many gadgets in your kitchen even as I am using it daily at times even twice, I am really impressed by its low power consumption rates. It also does not raise up temperatures in your kitchen.

It is affordable

Despite having many features and still saving your time, this cooker comes at an affordable price of $XXX in which as per it standards the pricing is just fair for all who want to purchase it. Additional charges may be incurred due to shipping or maybe extending your warranty period.

Easy to use

It comes with a manual handbook plus an additional recipe book that will guide you on the first meals you would want to start with so as you understand faster how the machine works.


Average quality

The inside of the pot is made with a very soft layer of a Teflon material while the lid also is made up of aluminum. Both the Teflon and aluminum can bring up health problems to us if they get in frequent contact with the meals prepared inside this cooker.

Some parts start to peel off just after a few uses. From other customers view they say it can be unsuitable for height above 2000 feet altitude claiming that it has the tendency of breaking jars when operating.

Poor customer service delivery

Many customers have complained that when their Power Pressure XL cookers develop some problems, it might take you several days before their support gets back to your question.

According to most of this customers’ experience in their efforts when contacting support tends to be so bad that they even decide to throw away the item in the belief that their issues will not get to be solved.

Final Thought

As I conclude, I will highly recommend everyone who intends to do his or her own cooking at home should consider having this Power Pressure XL 10 cooker in their kitchen.

It can also save the amounts o utensils you could have washed if you cooked with other alternative methods. With more cooking recipes available on YouTube that can be done with this pressured cooker will give you an exciting journey in your cooking adventures.

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