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Nuwave Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews

Nuwave Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews : What Makes It Stand Out?

What makes this electric pressure cooker stand out from the rest? Why is it more popular than other big brands? With so many Nuwave electric pressure cooker reviews out there, you may not know the exact features that make this kitchen appliance better than the rest. Here is a detailed review of this item and why you need to consider buying it.

With the advancement in technology, cooking has never been this easy. You can now prepare your favorite dishes in minutes and serve your family nutritious meals on time—no delays.

And now introducing the Niwave electric pressure cooker, you now have something to completely transform your cooking experience. Considering the number of positive reviews online, this is one of the most sought after kitchen appliance.

Who is This Nuwave Electric Pressure Cooker Meant For?

There is so much to benefit from the Nuwave electric pressure cooker and it goes without saying that this item is meant for almost everybody.

If you are a busy mom or dad who doesn’t have so much time to spend in the kitchen then this is a product you should consider trying out. This is because it saves you time and energy since foods are cooked much faster through pressure-cooking.

According to a number of Nuwave electric pressure cooker reviews in different online stores, it is clear that the cooker reduces cooking time by up to 70% if you compare it with other cooking methods. So this also works for people who simply hate being in the kitchen for long.

If you are cautions about energy costs then you are the type of person Nuwave electric cooker is meant for. This cooker uses less water and has a fully insulated external pot.

This means that much less energy will be needed to cook the food. In fact, this pressure cooker saves energy by up to 70% as compared to the normal boiling, slow cooking, oven cooking and steaming.

Are you a lover of nutritious and tasty food? If you always watch what you eat then this pressure cooker is meant for you. It is known to preserve the nutrient content of the food you cook and also retain the taste of food.

This is possible since the heat is evenly, deeply and quickly distributed. Since the cooker only uses enough water to create steam, the nutrients of the food will not be dissolved away by too much water as in the case of traditional cooking. So your food will always have the original flavor it is meant to have.

This is also meant for people who have sensitive digestive systems or those suffering from related illnesses. This is because the cooker eliminates the harmful micro-organisms in food.

This is made possible since the food is cooked at a temperature that is above the boiling point of water. So it will help kill all the harmful living micro-organisms found in the food.

This cooker is also meant for people who are not very good at cooking. So with this cooker, you don’t have to guess whether you followed the right ingredients or not. Once you set the cooker accordingly, it will do everything else for you.

Are you cautious about the design of your kitchen and the impact each kitchen appliance has on the interior decor? If so, then this device is what you need. It has a sleek design and a unique button outline that adds some sense of style to your kitchen.

Who is This Nuwave Electric Pressure Cooker NOT Meant For?

Just like any other product in the market, the Nuwave electric pressure cooker will not suit everyone. This is because people have different likes and preferences.

If you are going to shop for kitchen appliances but still working under a tight budget then this may not be the best kitchen appliance for you. As compared to the traditional cooking pots, this device is quite expensive.

As much as it cooks faster and saves time, at the end of the day you will still have your food cooked if you used a different, cheaper cooking equipment.

Just like any other electric device, this one also malfunctions after some time. The last thing you want is a pressure cooker breaking down when you don’t have any other means. So this may not be the best device if you don’t have any other backup in case of a malfunction.

If you have a small kitchen then you will find this device a waste of space. It occupies a much bigger space than your ordinary saucepan. You may also not hung it like other cooking pots since it is heavy.

It is not easy to use unless you learn. It is not as straight forward as the traditional cooking methods. It has various settings for different types of foods. So if you learn all of them, only you can use it, unless you teach someone else and this may take much of your time.

This is also not the best appliance for you if you have kids around. As much as it has safety features put in place, if you don’t keep it away from the children then it can be dangerous.

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Nuwave Electric Pressure Cooker Reviews : The Features

There are outstanding features most people love about the Nuwave electric pressure cooker. Here is an insight of what makes this product better than the rest.

Programmable options

This cooker has multiple programmable options that will allow you to pressure-cook, delay, slow cook, sear or warm your food. This means that you can use your cooker to sauté, bake, cook rice, make yogurt or as a steamer.

Each option is user-friendly and enables you to speed up the cooking times. So you will always find something useful from the Touch & Go buttons with 12 preset cooking functions.

This is an advanced cooking technology that’s flexible and allows you to cook any meal virtually imaginable by the touch of a button. It comes with built-in smart programs and you can also enjoy the delayed cooking option and a 24-hour timer.

Noise and leak-proof

This is the other feature of the Nuwave electric pressure cooker that makes it stand out. It has been designed to be noiseless and leak-proof. So it will not wake up the baby or leak out to make your kitchen dirty.

Sleek design

Other than just being a functional cooker, this device adds some sense of class to your kitchen and this is why it is commonly used for decorative purposes.

So if you have a sophisticated design, the elegantly crafted, durable brushed stainless-steel material that also happens to be fingerprint resistant will simply blend in well.

Smart technology

The cooker has been constructed with the latest smart 3rd generation technology with a microprocessor that monitors the pressure and the temperature. This is what automatically adjusts the heating intensity.

The smart technology is what traps the aroma of the food inside the cooker for a more delicious and tasty meal.

Lid lock system

This cooker has a 3-point Lid Lock System. This is a new technology that ensures the lid is in the correct position at the three independent points. In fact, this lock system is more convenient such that it will not pressurize until the lid is safely locked. The cock system also keeps the lid locked to avoid any opening when the cooker is cooking.

Auto shut

The Nuwave pressure cooker comes with a temperature control unit that senses the temperature on the inner pot and automatically shuts it down. It will also shut down in case it exceeds the maximum temperature or in case the pot is empty.

Food blocking cap

This electric pressure cooker comes with a Food Blocking Cap that ensures smooth functioning of the pressure vents. So this feature prevents liquids or food from clogging the valve. This also happens to be a safety feature that ensures the cooker works properly and safely.

Nuwave Electric Pressure Cooker : Pros And Cons


  • Vents out steam conveniently. It comes with specific mechanisms that automatically vents steam before it reaches unsafe levels. So you don’t have to worry about your food overcooking
  • Automatically cooks your food so you can do other activities as you cook
  • Saves you time and energy. As mentioned above, your food will cook 3 times faster than the ordinary cooking pot
  • You will also enjoy tasty foods and the cooker retains the original taste of the food
  • Durable. This is unlike other kitchen appliances that break down within a short time. The bottom of the inner pot of your cooker is made of stainless steel and this is why it lasts longer
  • The fact that the cooker has a non-stick coating makes it easy to clean
  • It is safe to use. The Nuwave electric pressure cooker comes with special feature that prevent harm to the user, like the locking lid system
  • This cooker is also cleaner than a stove top cooker. This is because it comes with removable cooking inserts.
  • The 6-quart capacity is convenient for a big family making this convenient for camps and other outdoor activities with family or friends
  • Access multiple functions with a single touch of a button
  • It is very versatile than any other kitchen appliance. Considering the different types of foods you can cook with this device, you don’t have to be an expert chef to enjoy sumptuous meals
  • It has a clear display that lets you set your cooking time and choose the correct option for the type of food you are preparing
  • The automatic keep warm feature allows you to keep your food warm. So you don’t need to reheat your food if you are going to eat later


  • One major drawback of the Nuwave electric pressure cooker is that it is not good at measurements. Since it comes with digital controls, monitoring the exact cooking process is not easy.
  • It is not perfect. Since you cannot closely monitor the cooking process, this means that precision is something else that cannot be fully achieved
  • It is also comparatively expensive and may not be the best option for someone working with a tight budget
  • It increases your electricity bill. So if you make a comparison between the cost of your electricity and gas, you will tell whether this cooker is worth buying or not
  • It can break down. Just like any other electrical appliance, the Nuwave pressure cooker can breakdown which makes its traditional counterpart the better option
  • Since this is an electric cooker, you can only use it in areas where there is reliable electricity
  • It doesn’t come in a range of colors to choose from. So customers who prefer something different may not find this device ideal for the kitchen
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With that said, you now understand why the Nuwave electric pressure cooker records high sales. There are many great offers customers should look out for in different online and offline stores. So you stand a chance of getting a Nuwave electric pressure cooker at a better price.

But just like any other electrical appliance, this one also has drawbacks outlined above. The good thing is that these setbacks don’t in any way affect the quality of food these devices cooks. And as compared to the conventional methods of cooking, this is the most convenient and saves time.

Despite being expensive, you will find that it saves you the stress of spending more time in the kitchen. So it is worth the price in the long run. In fact, the idea of cooking so many varieties of foods in one pot is quite economic and save you a lot.

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