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best ninja blender for smoothies

Best Ninja Blender For Smoothies – Which One is The Best ?

In this article, we are going to dive into  the best ninja blender for smoothies. Nobody hates natural things. Not especially the organic and purely natural juices. That is why many indeed prefer making their own juices rather than buying the artificial ones from the stores. You can only achieve this feat well if you possess the right gadget.

We have identified five such gadgets and are gladly going to review them here below. We shall also guide you in making the right purchasing decision.

What Is The Best Ninja Blender For Smoothies ?

#1: Ninja BL610 Reviews

To be able to make juice for the whole family, you need to acquire a blender that is large enough. With the capacity of 72 ounces, surely, no other blender comes even close to this one. It can, as a matter of fact, accommodate whole fruits and allow for their complete crushing at a time. This saves you also a great deal of time.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Total Crushing Blades

The blades of this blender exude awesome shredding power. They are as a matter of fact able to crush even frozen ice. They are also pretty faster and do indeed bring about the required outcomes in seconds. You will therefore not wait for too long to leverage the desired ends. You will also enjoy the benefit of great outcomes and extremely smooth flavors.

Total Crushing Pitcher

With the capacity of around 72 ounces of capacity, this blender is roomy enough for whole family use. Other than being roomy, the pitcher can also pulverize ice to snow within the shortest time possible. It thus has the ability to generate creamy and frozen drinks as well as smoothies. This again is great for your undertaking and use due to enhanced convenience.

Nutri Ninja Cups and To-go Lids

Lastly, the blender is accompanied by a set of Nutri Ninja cups and to-go lids. These cups extend the functionality of the blender by allowing it to perform extended usage and extra capacity of ingredients. The lids, on the other hand, seal the contents to prevent them from getting contaminated by external agents. They jointly allow you to generate your contents and juices while on the go!

Ninja BL660 Professional Blender : Pros And Cons



  • The large capacity of around 72 ounces
  • May be washed by machines
  • Lacks the harmful BPA materials
  • Comes along with the 1,100-watt base
  • Suitable for travels


  • Quite heavy (weighs 10.3 pounds/4.7 kg)
  • Subjects you to too much clutter
  • Some parts are delicate
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#2: Nutri Ninja Auto Iq BL482

To be able to obtain the healthiest outcomes, you have to blend the whole fruits plus their outer coating. This is because the outer coating of the fruits and vegetables have more nutrients than the flesh and the juices. You will require a special blender such as this one. It is pretty large in size and generates great crushing power to enable this.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

One-Touch Intelligence

The one-touch intelligence button tops the list of its most outstanding features. This button is easier to engage. It does not require you to pay too much attention to the blender to be able to obtain the desired ends. For this reason, you will spend less time operating the gadget and also devote some of your time to other chores that matter to you in the meantime.

Ninja Auto-iQ Technology

Further, simplifying the operations of the blender is this technology. It basically memorizes the various commands and settings you have already entered in the machine.

This allows it to recall them whenever you confront the same preparation conditions later. This way, you will be able to obtain the same levels of outcomes and consistency in outputs. It also eliminates the possibilities of guesswork.

Awesome Patterns

Generally speaking, the blender produces unique patterns such as blend, pulse, and pause. These jointly deliver consistent outcomes and even results at all times.

With these patterns, you may be sure to save yourself a great deal of time and effort to operate the blender. In light of this, the blender is great for mass production of the juices as they deliver predictable outcomes at all times.

Ninja BL482 : Pros And Cons


  • Simpler to control and use (you just press one button and you are done)
  • You do not have to stir, shake or mix the contents at all
  • Extracts nutrients from the vegetables and fruits
  • Has the ability to break down whole foods, fruits, seeds, and even ice!
  • Possesses the extra-powerful Pro Extractor Blades


  • Accommodates fewer accessories
  • Exudes limited applicability
  • Quite complicated to simpler users
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#3: Ninja Bl610 Professional Blender

Blenders do more than just blending juices and extracting nutrients from fruits and vegetables. They can also enhance the interior kitchen décor of your rooms.

For them to be able to confer to you this great benefit, they have to possess excellent aesthetics and design. This blender, as you are about to see, fits this bill perfectly well. It is still able to perform the ordinary roles.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Sleek Design

On the whole, the blender features a sleek design indeed. It possesses some sleek lines, curves, and a set of awesome exterior colors. It is these features that enable the blender to enhance your kitchen’s interior décor. You may consider placing your blender strategically in a position where every other person might easily spot it. This design also allows it to fit just about every other storage space.

Professional Power

Even though the blender is sleek, it is still great at crushing ingredients and reducing them to finer particles. Perhaps its most outstanding trait is the 1000-Watt of professional power output. This is sufficient to crush every other ingredient including those that ordinary blenders cannot confront. This is the one to look out for if you desire to tackle whole fruits and vegetables at once.

Total Crushing Technology

Further, enhancing the functionality of the blender is the total crushing technology. With this technology, you will be able to crush just about every other ingredient. These include but not limited to whole fruits, vegetables, ice, and fiber-rich contents.

For this reason, you will obtain great outcomes that are of fine texture as well. This is not to mention the great flavor that the final outcomes shall possess as well.

Ninja Bl610 Professional Blender : Pros And Cons


  • Can create drinks for the whole family use
  • Lacks the harmful BPA material
  • May be washed in the dishwasher and is thus convenient to keep clean
  • Has a large capacity of around 72 ounces
  • Confers awesome crushing, blending, and pureeing power


  • Quite cumbersome to carry around
  • Requires plenty of storage space
  • Made of the less durable plastic material
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#4: Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender

To be able to obtain smooth flavors and fine tastes, you must employ a great blender for your use. This blender suits this particular role only too well. It possesses a range of features that enable this feat to be achieved. The blender is also automated to a large part and thus calls for limited intervention on your part and is thus more convenient to use.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Patented Ninja 6-Blade Technology

Coming in at position one of all the various features that the blender possesses is the patented 6-blade technology. The blades of the blender are six and are equally spaced. This arrangement enables the blender to chop whole fruits and other ingredients in seconds. It thus expedites the process of extracting juices. It is this particular trait that also gives rise to the awesome texture and flavors.

Speed Functionality

On the whole, the blender has three different options. These determine the pace and by extension the quality of the final blends. These speed options are also accompanied by a pulse function.

These two functions jointly determine the quality as well as the overall pace of blending. You, therefore, have the benefit of determining the quality of the outcomes you desire at your fingertips.

Pulse Function

To further accelerate the pace of shredding ingredients, the blender comes along with a pulse function. This button basically expedites the process of blending whenever you press it. As soon as you lift your hand from the button, it ceases to operate. This arrangement allows you to break down even the thickest mixes quickly and within the shortest time possible.

Ninja NJ600 Professional Blender : Pros And Cons


  • Generally larger in size compared to other blenders
  • Appropriately marked for easy measuring
  • Has a non-slip base that prevents spills
  • Simpler to keep clean
  • Possesses extremely safe parts


  • Quite delicate to engage
  • Not for use in remote locations
  • Consumes higher electrical energy
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#5: Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender 1500 watt

Cutting whole foods usually take longer given the bulk nature of the contents. This, however, should not be the case. Not at all with this blender. It is faster by virtue of possessing sharp blades and producing awesome blending power. For this reason, you will not have to wait for too long to be able to enjoy the benefits that the blender is designed to provide.

Outstanding Features and Benefits

Auto-iQ Technology

Topping the list of its features and specifications is the Auto-iQ Technology. This feature entails a set of timed and intelligent blending programs. These programs memorize the various commands you put in the past. It automatically recalls them wherever you want.

This way, it automatically implements these programs without any input on your part. This saves you time besides bringing out uniform outcomes.

Nutri Ninja Blender DUO

With this feature, the blender offers 2 horsepower of motor output as well as 1500 Watts of energy. These two parameters are great indeed. They are the ones that jointly deliver the awesome crushing power that reduces the huge chunks of fruits and vegetables to the smaller sizes as required. They are also the ones that are responsible for the faster actions.

Auto-iQ Programs

Closing the list of the top features is the set of five Auto-iQ Programs. These programs give you the diversity of operations you require giving rise to the various blends and kinds of outcomes. Being five in number, you may be certain to obtain one that uniquely suits your desired needs and ends. They also give you a sense of control over the final outcomes.

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Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender 1500 Watt: Pros And Cons


  • Can pair and work well with several cups and accessories
  • Contains three manual programs
  • Has a lid that seals contents from external exposure
  • Breaks down whole foods and expedites the extraction process
  • Exudes great aesthetics which enhances your interior kitchen decor


  • Weighty (Weighs 15.5 pounds/7 kg)
  • Inflicts higher utility bills
  • Not for outdoor use
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This is the measure of the quantity of juice and extracts that the blender can prepare at any given time. The capacity of the blender is mainly determined by the size of the family or household you intend to serve.

It subsequently determines the cost of the blender as well as the amount of storage space you have to set aside. Be sure to ascertain the quantity of the juice you desire to make first and foremost. It is then that you will be able to arrive at the best capacity.

Ease of Use

Different blenders have different degrees of sophistication. These ultimately determine the ease or difficulty of operating these blenders. Have you ever used a blender before? Do you possess the technical skill and expertise required to operate a sophisticated blender? By answering these two questions, it will be possible for you to arrive at the most suitable blender for your liking and use.

 Energy Consumption

Just like the degrees of sophistication, these blenders also consume varying quantities of electrical energy. This definitely has a bearing on the utility bills you will have to settle. For this reason, you definitely have to settle for one that consumes the least levels of electrical energy and power. You do not want to spend too much on settling bills every quite often, do you?

Crushing Power

The crushing power refers to the amount of torque that the blades generate to shred the ingredients in the desired shapes and sizes. Finer outcomes require higher crushing power than moderate ones.

To obtain the high-quality outcomes and finer results, you want a blender that has a higher crushing power. Be mindful of the torque that the blender can exude to be able to make the right decision on the basis of this consideration.

Material Construction

You want a blender that is super strong and can discharge the required levels of reliability for long. This is why you want to settle for one that is made of high-quality materials.

These materials have to be able to withstand the various elements of wear and tear. They have also to remain resilient under every condition imaginable. Prioritize those that are made of stainless steel and Aluminum as these materials have proved to very reliable.


There you have it! You have indeed received the guidance you have you badly want to be able to make the right purchasing decision of a blender. The information, as well as the products we have reviewed above, are indeed great for your consideration.

It is not enough to know the information we have provided only. You definitely want to enjoy the benefits of these blenders. That is why we urge you to go ahead and place an order of at least one of them.

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Laura Christine Endahl says September 11, 2018

Just curious, but why didn’t you do a review on the Nutri-bullet?? That’s what I’ve used for the last 8 or so years. Informative reviews though. Laura

David says September 11, 2018

Fantastic article. I was searching the web for a new blender my family and I have been making a lot of smoothies and we love them. My wife and decided we needed a new bender the old boy just isn’t cutting it. We seem to have our eye on the nutri ninja BL642. Thank you for this great review and right on time I might add.

    Nabil says September 11, 2018

    Thank you David! you have made great choice to have the ninja BL642, you will not regret it, enjoy your smoothies!

Jaywhon Herron says September 12, 2018

I actually just purchased one of these for my kids. They love making smoothies and making my grand daughters food. I love it! Thanks for the article, it’s a great read.

Vicki says September 12, 2018

I am bookmarking this page so I can come back and have a really thorough read again as I so need to update me old “Antique” blender lol
Great information thank you so much

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    You are welcome at anytime!

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Hi there! I stumble upon your site as I am in the market to buy a Ninja blender but I was very confused on which one to get. So I was researching online. This is a very good article. It will certainly help me in making my decision. Thanks!

    Nabil says September 12, 2018

    Great Carole, choose the one that will best suit your needs!

Brandon says September 12, 2018

This is such an amazing review for newbies like me who have absolutely no idea when it comes to the smoothie world. In fact, I’m here because I want to purchase a new blender for my wife but don’t really know what I’m looking for. Thanks to your article I’m going to go with the Nutri Ninja BL642 Blender 1500 watt. Thanks!

    Nabil says September 12, 2018

    Great choice Brandon, enjoy your daily smoothies!

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