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bella rocket blender reviews

Bella Rocket Blender Reviews : An Affordable Blender!

Are you a natural juice enthusiast? Have you been on the lookout for the right blender to help you out? Did I hear you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions we have answered above? You have indeed landed on just the right page. We, through this Bella Rocket Blender Reviews, are here to help you out.

We do realize how hectic it is for a person who lacks the vital skills like you to arrive at the best ever purchasing decision.

We know too well that you may not know how to interpret the various parameters and features that makes an appliance awesome. This is why we have resorted to aid you. We have identified and settled on perhaps the best blender for starters and everyday users.

We have subsequently dedicated the entire review to the blender that has consistently proven to be great and reliable.

We are going to examine this blender from all sides and angles. These shall incorporate such aspects and issues as the benefits, downsides, constituent components, and outstanding features.

Reviews On Bella Rocket Blender

The exact product in question is the BELLA Personal Size Rocket Blender. The blender comprises several parts and components that are all geared towards blending high-quality juice.

This includes the 12-piece set, several lids, and blending cups. Its main body is made of the color stainless steel and chrome metals. Its blending segment, on the other hand, is a clear see-through glass which enables you to monitor the progress of blending at any given time.

On the whole, the blender is compact in size. For this reason, it takes up limited space. It is also great to behold and thus plays a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetics of the room where it is placed. It is not so difficult to utilize and is as such pretty easy for anyone and everyone to use.

Who Is This Bella Rocket Blender For?

Even though anyone who has an interest in blending ingredients may find this product great and handy, the following cadres of persons shall find it particularly awesome:

Restaurant Owners

Given its high blending speed and awesome blending capacity, this appliance is great for restaurant owners. It can churn out higher quantities of final products at a time. This arrangement allows it to satisfy the needs of many people at a time.

Because of this, it assures you of higher profit margins and returns on investments. It is particularly great for those restaurants that receive moderate amounts of patrons in a typical day. It may not do so much good to those that have higher traffic owing to its limited capacity.

Natural Juicing Enthusiasts

If you just fancy natural juices, this is the appliance to go for. Its simplistic design, ease of use, and compact size all combine to make this dream a reality. They allow you to transport it to any destination or location without too many hassles.

Because of this, you will greatly enjoy your natural juices without much ado. What’s more? It is compact enough to allow you to carry it around with ease. You will thus be able to transport and utilize it wherever and whenever the craving may strike.

Stay-at-home Mothers

Stay-at-home mothers who spend much of their time taking care of small children will also find it handy and relevant to their needs.

The blender is great at preserving nutrients. In light of this, it ensures that the final products are highly nutritious and great for the young children. Its ease of use makes it great and convenient for use by any kind of mother.

Its ability to deliver instant results mean that you will not have to wait for too long to have your way. You will, as a matter of fact, satisfy the cravings instantly and within the shortest realistic time possible.

Starter Chefs

Are you barely getting started in the field of juicing? This indeed is the blender for your taking. This blender as stated repeatedly has the bare minimum set of features.

For this reason, you will find it pretty easy to engage. You will hardly get entangled in the process of juggling your way in it. It is also accompanied by easy to follow user manuals.

These guide you through all the basic steps through to the expert levels. In light of this, you will not have to enroll in a college or seek external assistance in acquainting yourself with it.

Practicing Juicers

Have you obtained the bare minimum blending skills and would merely want to enhance your skills as a whole? This indeed is the blender to yet again look up to. It is moderate in complexity.

This simply means that it has some basic and some complex features. By using the blender repeatedly, you will be in the position to upgrade your skills from the basic to the intermediate and finally to the complex levels.

This is without the need to invoke the assistance and companionship of any expert or trainers at all. In light of this, you will save yourself a bit of money and financial resources.

Bella Rocket Blender 12 Piece set reviews : What’s Included ?

The entire blending package consists of the following parts and components:

1 Tall Blending Cup

This perhaps is the topmost component of this blender. This tall blending is what accommodates and holds the bulk of resources. It is the one that plays the crucial role of breaking down much of the contents at any given time. It has a larger capacity and is as such able to accommodate and process plenty of ingredients at a time. This saves you time and effort at any given time.

1 Short Blending Cup

Next comes the short blending cup. This one complements the one tall blending cup discussed above. It merely serves to hold the extra contents at any given time. It also serves the role of preparing instant juices. Its small capacity sees to it that you have the natural juice whenever or wherever you might want it. It is thus the one to look up to for those instant gratifications.

1 Drinking Cup

Unlike the first two, this one is used to contain the final products rather than the raw materials. It is in this cup that you pour the juice that you have already blended. If you plan to make the juices for commercial purposes, this cup may once more come in handy. It is a standard measure of the contents and may thus form a firm basis of billing.

2 Shaker Tops

In the course of preparing the juices, you will often have to shake the ingredients manually. The shaker tops are the components that make this possible.

They have the ability to hold the contents and shake them vigorously to let them mix thoroughly. They amplify the effort you put in whenever you want to mix ingredients. This way, they reduce the effort on your part besides bringing about awesome feedback.

2 Lids

To prevent the contamination of ingredients and enable the preservation of nutrients, it is of absolute necessity that the blender is accompanied by lids. The manufacturer of this blender understands this fact only too well. That is why it has accompanied it with two lids.

Unlike most ordinary lids, the ones for this blender are special. They seal tightly and in so doing, prevent violent shakes that might spill the contents on the worktops. They also prevent the flavor from escaping by sealing them tightly.

12-piece High-speed Mixing System

Lastly, the entire package has a 12-piece high-speed mixing system. This forms the core of the blender as it is the component that actually carries out the task of mixing ingredients. Being high speed, it achieves the desired ends within the shortest time possible. It can also blend, whip and chop ingredients at the same time.

Review On Bella Rocket Blender : Overview of Features!

Listed and explained below are the key features of this blender and their accompanying benefits:

Durable See-through Construction

Its blending segment comes in the form of the durable see-through construction. This not only crushes ingredients in matters of seconds but also allows you to monitor the process of blending. By reason of this arrangement, you will be able to avoid the common problems that are associated with negligence or poor monitoring and supervision.

Sleek and Attractive Design

On the whole, the blender has a sleek and attractive design. This comes in the form of the attractive chrome finish. The existence of this feature enables the blender to do so much more than merely performing the core chores of blending ingredients.

It also allows the blender to enhance the appearance of your room and its interior décor as a whole.

Twist-and-go Design

Apart from being sleek and attractive, the design of the blender also incorporates some twist-and-go design. This design basically enables you to quickly and easily operate and engage the various parameters, parts, and components of the blender. In so doing, it even allows you to make your favorite ingredients while on the go.

240-watt Power Base

At its foundation is the 240-watt power base. This base is paired with a blending blade that is made of the durable stainless steel material.

They both have the abilities to emulsify and liquefy whole fruits and green leafy vegetables. In the course of this, it saves a great deal of time, preserves nutrients, and even ensures that huge quantities of final outcomes are churned out at any given time.

Excellent Grinding Blade

The mechanism of the blade that grinds ingredients is excellent indeed. It has the abilities to perform chores that the traditional blades cannot perform.

For instance, it can pulverize dry foods, crush spices into finer particles, extract juices from vegetables and fruits, and shred huge chunks of foods into the finest particles imaginable. You may count on the blender to handle just about every other kind of food you may have in mind.

Compact Base

To enable you to handle all your ingredients comfortably and securely, the blender comes along with a compact base. This is wide enough to ensure the required levels of stability. It is also accompanied by a rubberized foot which exudes added grip and performance.

In light of this, the blender will hardly fidget or away back and forth as you perform your blending task. You will hence enjoy your blending and accrue the benefit of maximum convenience in the process.

Specialized Lids

Lastly, the package has the specialized lids. These lids are unlike any other. They seal the contents firmly to prevent them from slipping through and soiling the worktop. They also preserve the nutrients by preventing them from escaping into the ambient environment. Being special, they are pretty simple to engage compared to the ordinary lids.

If you are interested in making smoothies, check out this article for the best blender for smoothies!

Bella Rocket Blender Reviews : Pros And Cons


  • Blends, emulsifies and grinds all ingredients perfectly
  • Has two blades that are pretty thorough and effective at shredding contents
  • Churns out tasty sauces, spicy salsas, and nutritious smoothies
  • Can serve the roles of the standard food processor
  • Saves greatly on space requirement by demanding limited space


  • Possesses certain delicate parts and components
  • Does not last as long as most other blenders
  • Produces coarser results and blending outcomes
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Even though BELLA Personal Size Rocket Blender may have its share of downsides, it is still a great possession indeed. As you may well have realized, the blender has the capability of performing a vast variety of chores and tasks which others lack.

By placing your bet on it, you get to enjoy the combined benefits of several blenders at a time. You also negate the need to look for various co-operant tools and items to perform the various chores.

For these reasons, it is in your best interest to look for it wherever you might find it. You do not want to delay leveraging its benefits at all. Would you? You also want as many others as possible to enjoy similar advantages.

This is why we urge you to consider sharing this piece of information with others. All the best as you take the first major step to find this blender and acquire it for your use!

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